WITH 1.5 MILLION NONPROFITS IN THE US, how are you going to stand out?

Carol Goodstein HEre. I CRAFT evocative CONTENT THAT compels people to take notice & take action.



  • Struggling to communicate your achievements so they feel aspirational and actionable?

  • Hesitant to attract attention because you’re just starting out or haven’t figured it all out?

  • Strapped for cash and concerned about the cost of revamping your website, creating a campaign or producing new publications?

  • Facing such a long to-do list of communications needs and priorities that you’re not sure where to begin?

I can help you raise your visibility and increase your impact.

With more than 20 years of experience in communications & marketing for leading nonprofits, businesses, universities and philanthropies, I know what it takes to make organizations feel relevant and resonate. Whether you’re working to address climate change, stem the loss of biodiversity, offset carbon, reduce waste, manage water or protect the rights and well-being of workers and indigenous communities, I can help you add clarity, polish and moxie to your materials, so people show up and stand up for your cause and your organization.

Ready to add more punch to your purpose more?

Let’s discuss how you can sharpen your message and AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT.


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